Rose CO2 Absolute Oil

Rose Co2 absolute oil is extracted from the hybrid flower of cent folia rose which is having hundred petals. This plant is having shrubby look and grows up to the height of 1.5-2 m with grayish green pinnate leaves.  It is also known by the name of Otto of rose and having a very attractive and floral fragrance. This absolute oil is extracted through the Co2 extraction which is also known as supercritical fluid extraction and effective method to derive the natural essence from the plants & herbs.

Rose Co2 extraction, exquisitely feminine, the beautiful aroma of this oil is soothing and balancing to roller-coaster emotions during the feminine cycle, and used in skincare it is the ideal oil to care for dry, irritated and sensitive skin.

The fragrance of Rose Co2 absolute is a long lasting diffusive accord of deep, warm, rose notes  and I detect a fruity honey tint comparable maybe to Spanish orange blossom honey. This material is a soft wax consistency, dark yellow to medium orange in color, applied to the skin I have to add the feeling is sumptuous, really silky smooth, penetrating the skin effortlessly.

The fragrance of White Rose Co2 is resplendent, salacious and highly seductive. This is the summer breeze of roses, delicate, fresh, playful rose notes greet me, the potency slowly and effortlessly starts to increase. The middle has free flowing honey rose qualities with a citrus tang that is sharp, sparkling, possessing extreme impetuous charm. This creates an environment for me to find inner calm, no floral oil at all enables me to collect my thoughts and feel as peaceful within as this fragrance.

Co2 extraction method is very clever. Using high tech machinery which enables high pressure and low operating temperatures, carbon dioxide (CO2) is turned into a liquid gas (supercritical state) and is used as the solvent to draw out the active and thermo sensitive goodness from the rose petals. This process is very quick and when complete the Co2 is released in a gaseous state that leaves behind the rose oil totally free of trace solvents. Also the near ambient critical temperature (app. 30 deg. Celsius) makes it perfectly suitable for the thermo labile ingredients if compared to the steam distillation process where the temperature of the steam is 120-140 deg. Celsius and some ingredients and chemical compounds of the extracts are converted or totally destroyed by the heat.

Benefit & Uses: Its pleasing floral aroma this absolute oil is extensively used by the perfume manufacturing industries to formulate the myriad variety of alluring and exotic perfumes, scents, deodorants etc.  It is also used in the preparation of aromatic products like candles, room fresheners, hair sprays etc.

Most of the people are suffering from the problem of depression and stress due to their busy work schedules.  This oil effectively rejuvenates and relaxes your mind as well as body and leads to the healthy life style. It is extensively used in aromatherapy centers to provide the calmness and relives stress from the body. 

It is helpful in detoxifying your body and capable in reducing the chances of skin ailments. It is used in the preparation of numerous beauty care products and works effectively for improving the dry and sensitive skin.  

It is helpful in improving blood circulation process and boosts the immune system. It tones your heart capillaries and provides relief in cardiac, congestion etc. 


Rose Co2 absolute is a refined, liquid extraction of fragrant compounds from the fresh blossom. Although absolutes contain essential oil compounds they differ from distilled essential oils. An absolute is a refinement of a concrete, which is a thick, fragrant material extracted from the plant using a hydrocarbon solvent. The concrete contains essential oils, fatty acids and waxes. Absolutes are extracted from concretes with pure alcohol. The alcohol dissolves and absorbs the fragrant material from the concrete. Waxes, fats and other non-aromatic contents precipitate out and are removed by filtering.


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