White Lotus Absolute Oil

White lotus is an aquatic plant which is used to extract white lotus absolute oil through solvent extraction method.  This beautiful flower is mainly found in the muddy ponds and stagnant water. It denotes the symbol of awakening.  It can grow up to the height of 25 cm tall and produces the beautiful flowers which blooms everyday with the pre morning sun. This floral oil has soothing and calming effect due to which it is widely used in the aromatherapy treatments.  This plant is also famous by the common name of safed kamal and lotus. 

Lotus absolutes tend to be very concentrated and generally need to be diluted in base oil or blended into other essential oils to allow the essences to open so that the more delicate notes can be experienced.

Lotus essential oil is one of the more expensive of aromatherapy oils available. However, a little goes a long way. If you store the lotus essential oil in a dark glass bottle and keep out of direct heat or sunlight, it should be good for two or three years. You can find them at online aromatherapy, Ayurveda or occult supply shops. If you live in England, essential oils are available at almost any chemist or health food store.

White Lotus Oil from Tamil Nadu, India, wild harvested, distilled from flowers. This is beautiful, captivating fragrance of Pure White Lotus Essential Oil. This rare floral scent comes to us from India.

Lotus White is unmatched for possessing a resounding depth of floral aroma while retaining less or herbaceous notes. An extensive search sampling specimens from many suppliers resulted in this exquisite exotic Lotus White that we simply had to have! Lotus White tends to be more pungent and herbaceous than floral if the flower petals are not collected and processed at the ideal time, or if more than the single flower petals are used during production as we've often found with most suppliers of Lotus White.

White Lotus Absolute is commonly known as Tiger Lotus, Sacred Lotus or simply White Lotus. It is one of the species of Water lilies having lily pads which keep on floating over water surface. The beautiful white flower is sometimes tinged with pink natural color. It is a perennial plant that attains height of 45 cm and prefers warm, silent and vaguely acidic water. Absolute from these sacred flowers is prepared by to amber to thick brownish color with top perfumery notes.

Benefit & Uses:This floral absolute is enriched with the soothing and relaxing properties therefore it is extensively used in Massages, bath etc to treat various ailments.  It is capable of eradicating the negative thoughts of your mind which is the major reason of mental exhaustion and stress. It provides the calming effects to your mind and revitalizes your body to live a healthy lifestyle.


The white lotus absolute has its own clarity and smoothness. It is used for the meditation purposes due to its powerful aroma which directly affects your crown chakra and helps in concentrating your mind to provide the feeling of tranquility and spirituality. 

Its pleasing floral whiff, this floral absolute is extensively used in the preparation of myriad variety of perfumes, scents and aromatic products. 

White Lotus Absolute helps in promoting tranquility, spiritual reflection and meditation. Sacred absolute is also used in prayers and yoga to deepen breath. It also increases body efficiency.

Natural White Lotus Absolute helps in dispelling most of the difficult negative energies from surrounding environ and energy fields. It has ability to calm, soothe and helps in making oneself feel forgiveness and kindness.

Organic White Lotus Absolute is often used as perfume and diffuser. It is used as massage oil and in baths. White Lotus Absolute has numerous medicinal and therapeutic benefits that help in cooling, calming and soothing of one’s mind, heart and body. 


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