Detox Massage Oil
Product Code: VRICBO0003018  
Botanical Name Arachis Hypogeae
Common Name Arthnuts, Goobers, Goober Peas, Pindas, Jack Nuts, Pinders, Manila Nuts and Monkey Nuts
Country of Origin India, Indonesia
Solubility Not Applicable
Specific Gravity 0.91
Optical Rotation Not Applicable
Refrective Index Not Applicable
PlantPart Seed
Bland With Blends with avocado, olive, sesame and macadamia nut oil and other light essential oils.
CAS No 8002-03-7
Flash Point 350°F
Extraction Method Extraction


Peanut carrier oil is extracted from the peanut using cold pressed method. This all-purpose oil is known for its distinctive aroma, mild flavor and taste of its parent legume. It has a thick texture and absorbs slowly into the skin. Peanut carrier oil is not that commonly used in aromatherapy; however it has a wide array of therapeutic uses.


Though the peanut originated in Brazil, it came to the United States from Africa as many Southern foods have. In the 1890's George Washington Carver, of Alabama's Tuskegee Institute, began to promote the peanut as a replacement for the cotton crop which had been destroyed by the boll weevil. By 1903 he had developed hundreds of uses for peanuts in recipes for appetizers, main dishes, soups, and desserts. According to John Mariani's "Encyclopedia of American Food & Drink," a process for roasting shelled peanuts in oil was developed in the early 1900s by an Italian immigrant, Amedo Obici. Obici, along with Mario Peruzzi, began packaging the peanuts in airtight bags under the "Planters" label. Peanut butter was created in the 1890s by a St. Louis physician as a soft protein substitute for people with poor teeth. By 1922, a year after the development of a mechanized process for making it, peanut butter was being promoted as a health food at the St. Louis Universal Exposition by concessionaire C. H. Sumner. In 1932 J.L. Rosefield, who developed a process to prevent oil separation and spoilage, began marketing his peanut butter product under the name "Skippy." Its popularity quickly spread, and today more than half the American peanut crop goes into the making of peanut butter.

Color & Aroma

Color : Virtually Clear with Light,Nutty and Fatty aroma,

Aroma : smooth


Palmitic Acid Oleic Acid Linoleic Acid Arachidic Acid Arachidonic Acid Behenic Acid Lignoceric Acid Other Fatty Acids


Rich in Vitamin A, Peanut oil is widely used in various skin care formulations for its moisturizing properties. It is useful for treating skin conditions such as acne and blackheads.

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