Detox Massage Oil
Product Code: VRINEO0006053  
Botanical Name Canarium Luzonicum
Common Name Manila elemi
Country of Origin Philippines
Solubility Insoluble in Water, Soluble in Alcohol and Oils
Specific Gravity 0.87000 - 0.91400 @ 20°C
Optical Rotation 68.9
Refrective Index 1.47900 - 1.48900 @ 20C
PlantPart Resin
Bland With Frankincense, lavender, rosemary, myrrh and sage.
CAS No 8023-89-0
Flash Point 120°F
Extraction Method Steam Distilled


Elemi essential oil has a very fresh, citrusy, peppery and spicy aroma. The oil is extracted from the plant for commercial usage in pharmaceutical industry.


Elemi Essential Oil is known locally as Pili, and the gum is exported from the Philippines. The ancient Egyptians used Elemi oil in the embalming process. The resin was used in Europe and the Near East for ointments and salves, and in more recent times, as a substitute for Frankincense.

Color & Aroma

Color : Pale Yellow Liquid with Fresh Lemony Peppery Balsam Green Woody Sweet Spicy Odor,

Aroma : Elemi Essential Oil can be best described by comparing it to a dill pickle with citrus notes. It is surprisingly fresh and clean though, not as tart as one would expect.


terpineol, elemicine, elemol, dipentene, phellandrene and limonene.


This oil is used in treating Bronchitis, catarrh, extreme coughing, mature skin, scars, stress, and wounds.

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