Amber Oil

Amber oil is wonderful stuff if you can find a good one. It isn’t always easy to find. I know a place that provides very high-quality amber oil.

Amber is one of the most characteristic products of the Baltic republics, especially Lithuania. It washes up on thr word electricity comes from, because static electricity was noticed by the ancients as a property of amber, that it attracts straw. In Persian, amber is called kahroba, from the words kah 'straw' and roba 'thief' (related to the English word “rob " ). The modern Arabic word for electricity was coined from kahroba (following the pattern of “electros " ). So when you use amber oil, think that it has this electric energy throbbing within.
The word amber comes from Arabic. Originally it meant 'ambergris'. Ambergris is a completely different substance. Ambergris is a pale-gray, waxy goop that is expelled from the digestive tracts of whales into the sea water and washes up on shore. It is very expensive. You who have worked in the perfumer's craft will know that ambergris is very valuable in perfumeries’; it functions as a fixative and it is reputed to bring out the highest fragrance notes in whatever it is added to. It had the French word gris'gray' added to its name to tell the difference from the other (yellow) amber.

The two things got called by the same name because, I suppose, they both are found washed up on the seashore. But ambergris was the first stuff to be called “amber " The Arabic word for ambergris is `anbar. The Arabic-English Lexicon informs that originally this word `anbar meant 'whale'. Maybe it comes from the Arabic verbal root `abara (with an extra augmentative -n- added in the middle).

Interestingly, another Arabic word from the same root is`abir meaning 'fragrance, perfume'--because it wafts across the air to your nose). Maybe the whale was called by that name because it is the only sea creature big and powerful enough to cross the ocean from one side to the other. That is just my guess at philology. The word for whale became applied to this product of the whale, and lastly to the other valuable thing that's found on the seashore 'ambergris'. Ambergris is a completely different substance.

Health Benefits of Amber Oil

Amber oil is said to possess many health and medicinal benefits. It can be used in small quantities to get maximum benefits. Few important health benefits of Amber oil are mentioned here.

Benefits for the brain: Few drops of Amber oil put in water while taking a bath will have a soothing effect on the body. Aroma of this oil has a pleasing effect that matches the ambience while practicing yoga and meditation. The aroma is long lasting and non-irritating. Amber oil when properly applied has a sedating effect and is very useful in inducing sleep. The oil eliminates negativity from the mind and brings an influx of happy and pleasant thoughts. This helps in promoting wholesome health of the body.

Benefits for the skin and hair: Amber oil is used for skin rejuvenating massages. It refreshes the skin and rejuvenates the growth of new cells, thereby lending anti-aging benefits for the skin. The best way to use the oil for skin is to put 2 to 3 drops in the water used for facial steaming. It clears pores and lends sheen to the skin. The oil can also be used for scalp massages for rejuvenation of hair follicles.

Psychological Benefits: Studies have shown that Amber oil relaxes brain waves (alpha, beta and theta waves) through its psychoactive effect. It soothes the mind and helps fight problems such as depression, anxiety and stress. Soaking in a bath in which a few drops of amber oil are added can be an excellent relaxant before going to bed. It promotes sleep.

Benefit for Heart: Use of Amber oil is also believed to enhance heart energy. Palpitation of the heart and convulsions are treated with Amber and its derivatives.

Benefits for the respiratory system: Amber oil provides relief from congestion in the chest, breathing problems and convulsions. Being a good expectorant, the oil helps relieve accumulated mucus in the respiratory system. It can be sued by people suffering from asthma and bronchitis. The oil can be inhaled in the form of steam or massaged on the chest. It is important to dilute the oil before massage.

Benefits for the immune system: Amber acid obtained from Baltic Amber can be used as a food additive. This form of amber oil boosts the immune system of the body. Because of its febrifuge property, Amber oil is very effective in treating fever.

Benefits against wounds: Amber oil also reduces inflammation internally and externally. It soothes pain at wound site due to its analgesic properties and quickens wound healing.

Other Health Benefits of Amber Oil: Succinct acid, which is another name for amber acid, can be used to cure the effects of too much consumption of alcohol. It is a great against hangovers. The oil is an anti-oxidant and is believed to prevent aging of human cells. Amber acid is used to stimulate thyroid gland and to regulate hormone production in the human body. In cases of injury powdered Amber energizes the body and hastens healing. Inflammation of the affected area in cases of ulcers and boils on the skin can be cured through tissue regeneration by using Amber oil. Kidney related problems like difficulty in urination and retention can be effectively treated with Amber oil.


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