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Benzoin has only one use in Aromatherapy. In the aroma lamp, Blended with orange or tangerine it is a sweet and comforting delight a bit of a euphoric. Benzoin has a wonderfully warm scent, similar to vanilla. I don't recommend using it in the diffuser simply because of its thick texture; cleaning the nebulizer can be a nightmare, but in the lamp it is a delight.

Benzoin is relaxing and euphoric, and so is appropriate for serious down-time. Topically Benzoin is traditional for skin and muscle issues. Benzoin is a warming, vanilla-scented resin absolute from Sumatra with uplifting and soothing properties.

Used in the East since ancient times as medicine and incense, Benzoin can be used as an aromatherapy treatment for its nurturing and relaxing properties. Benzoin extract has also said to be effective for coughs and respiratory infections in a steam inhalation or bath. Because this absolute is quite thick and sticky, it's easier to work with if you warm the bottle before using. 

It is the trunk of the tall Southeast Asian benzoin tree that, when cut, exudes a delicious, vanilla-scented gum resin. This essential oil has been used since antiquity in aromatherapy preparations such as frankincense. They made solid pomades that smelled like vanilla and were rubbed on the skin for both fragrance and healing.

Arabian traders brought benzoin to Greece, Rome and Egypt, where it became prized as a fixative in perfumes and potpourris-still one of its uses today. The Crusaders carried benzoin into Europe to scent their cherished Oriental-style perfume. Europeans highly regarded benzoin for its medicinal properties as well as its scent.

Benzoin is typically sold as an absolute, but it is so thick it may be difficult for you to get it out of the bottle. If so, dilute it with a little alcohol, such as vodka, or dissolve it in warm vegetable oil so it is easier to pour. An absolute thinned with ethyl glycol is also sold, but aroma therapists avoid oils and scents containing this chemical.

Therapeutic properties of benzoin are antibacterial, anti-fungal; seals wounds from infection; counteracts inflammation; decreases gas, indigestion, and lung congestion; promotes circulation; and is an antioxidant and deodorant.

Benefit & Uses: Effective against redness, irritation, or itching on the skin, benzoin's most popular use is in a cream to protect chapped skin and improve skin elasticity. Since it is also a strong preservative, adding it to vegetable oil-based preparations delays their oxidation and spoilage. Benzoin essential oil can be added to chest rub balms and massage oils for lung and sinus ailments or use the tincture of benzoin to make cough medicine formulas.

Benzoin oil raises spirit and uplifts mood. That is why it was and still is widely used in religious ceremonies in many parts of the world. This used in incense sticks and other such substances which, when burnt, gives out smoke with the characteristic aroma of Benzoin oil. The molecules of the components of this oil, along with inhaled smoke, get into our nostrils and are detected by our smell receptors and their effects are transmitted to our brain, thereby stimulating the nervous center. This also gives a warm feeling, stimulates the heart beat and improves circulation. These properties of Benzoin Oil were detected long ago and used to create a mood of celebration in a gathering.

Benzoin oil, besides being a stimulant and an antidepressant on one hand, is a relaxant and sedative on the other. It relieves anxiety, tension, nervousness and stress. Actually, it brings the nervous system and neurotic system to normal. In case of depression, it gives a feeling of uplifted mood and in case of anxiety and stress, it relaxes people. It also has tranquilizing effects.


It is a very good antiseptic and disinfectant. The components like Benzaldehyde, Benzoic Acid and Benzyl Benzoate are very effective germicidal, bactericidal, fungicidal and antiviral substances.

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