Boronia Absolute Oil

Boronias generally grow in open forests and woodlands. They are only rarely found in rainforests or arid areas, though some unusual species have recently been described from the northwest of Western Australia.

Boronia mega-stigma is a species of shrub in the citrus family known by the common name brown Boronia. This is one of several species of Boronia cultivated for its intense, attractive scent.

It is the main Boronia source of essential oils, while its relative Boronia heterophylla is more often harvested for use as an aromatic cut ornamental. Boronia mega-stigma is a small shrub approaching a meter in maximum height. The narrow, thick, linear leaves are arranged in whorls about the thin stem branches. They are dark green and glandular, and are scented, but it is the flower of the plant which is coveted for its oils. All of the organs of the flower contain oil glands and their activity is greatest while the stigma is receptive to pollen, which suggests that production of scent may serve to attract pollinators such as insects. In the wild plant, each flower is about a centimeter wide and shaped like a cup which is brown or dark reddish-purple externally and bright yellow inside.

The Boronia Essential oil from the Boronia mega stigma or more commonly known as the Brown Boronia has a rich scent that others describe as a combination of cinnamon and an earthy aroma. This shrub from the citrus family is endemic to Australia and Tasmania.

It has scented narrow dark green leaves but it is the fragrance from the dark reddish-purple to brown flowers that have inspired people since ancient times and has earned its classification of being one of the most exotic scents.

Boronia absolute has a dark yellow viscous liquid fresh, spicy, fruit-like scent with a rich, floral undertone. The essential oil is derived through solvent extraction method. Boronia absolute has a fresh, spicy, fruit-like scent with a rich, floral undertone. This absolute is produced by the hexane extraction of the leaves and flowers of the tree.

Boronia absolute oil is obtained from the leaves and fresh blossoms of Boronia plant extracted by the process of solvent extraction. It is associated with Rutaceae family and is widely cultivated for its mesmerizing aroma. It is native to Western Australia. They are small shrub having the maximum height of a meter. The Boronia plant has slender and broad leaves with slim twig. The flower petal of this plant is rich in oil concentration. 
This oil is dark green in color with floral fragrance. The Boronia oil is soluble in alcohol and insoluble in water.

Benefit & Uses: The Boronia absolute oil is well known for its appealing aroma and is used for making perfumes. It also acts as a flavoring agent in various cuisines.

It is almost wholly made use of in the perfume industry and although it in itself is very sweet-smelling the Boronia essential oil has the characteristic of being able to further enhance the fragrance of other essential oils. It is able to further improve the scents of clary sage, black currant, bergamot, helichrysum, violet, costus and those from floral families like the yellow freesia.

You must take note however that the Boronia oil or sometimes called 'Boronia Absolute' are very concentrated and is strongly recommended by professionals that it not be utilized unless it is diluted.

Those practicing aromatherapy are able to use Boronia oil in conjunction with other oils in oil burners to perfume their homes or the homes of their patients. 


You can also mix the oils with some fragrance free body care products as a way of personalizing the items. The Boronia absolute is also used in the culinary arts. It once again is utilized to enhance but this time it improves fruit flavors in ice cream, beverages, baked products and even candy.


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