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Since ancient times, Jasmine has been referred to as the King of oils (Rose is the Queen). Apparently this is because Jasmine is the most masculine of all the floral oils.

Jasminium auriculatum is a species of jasmine, in the family Oleaceae. Jasmine auriculatum absolute has a beautiful, rich, floral aroma that is irresistible. Jasmine absolute is used to treat depression, insomnia, nervous tension and infertility. Its aroma is soothing and calming and can bring about a restful state to those who are suffering from emotional trauma.

Plants will start flowering in second year after planting and the yield will be optimum from the third year onwards. But seedlings are already grown into a full-plant/ flowering stage in the nursery itself. So, the plants will start flowering in the first year itself and the farmers will get income from the time of planting itself.

The absolute prepared from an Indian commercial concrete from flowers of Jasminum auriculatum was examined. Column and molecular distillations, column chromatography and chemical function separations were carried out.

This species is not very common thought it deserves a special attention. Jasmine auriculatum is as wonderful plant as a world- famous.  This is a stunning, small, scan dent, bushy plant with simple ovate dark green small leaves and powdery satin white flowers.

Extracted from the flowers of Jasminum officinal, this is the jasmine aromatherapy product most often referred to in the literature, though you may have difficulty finding it on sale. It is a dark orangey brown liquid, which is quite viscous. The absolute is produced by separating a concrete (produced by solvent extraction) using alcohol. Further processing by steam distillation produces an essential oil. Check the label to find out if this is, in fact, an extract from Jasminum officinal as most of the jasmine absolute.

This is often labeled simply “Jasmine Absolute”, although checking the Latin name of the plant from which it has been extracted will reveal the truth if it is Jasminum grandiflorum. Other names by which it is known include Royal, Spanish or Catalonian jasmine, or jati. This is also called Arabian or Tuscan jasmine, zambac or mogra.

This is also sometimes called juhi and is extracted from Jasminum auriculatum flowers. It has a lighter fragrance, often appreciated by those who find other jasmines overpowering.

Benefit & Uses: Jasmine flower is grown as an ornamental plant. It is adorned for its fragrance and beauty. The flowers have been traditionally used for making garlands. They are worn to decorate the hair especially in the southern parts of India. Jasmine oil is used as medicine as well as to anoint the hair. It is a used in making perfumes and incense sticks.

Jasmine oil benefits vary slightly according to the type used, as you might expect. However, it’s important that you purchase pure jasmine oil (or absolute), and avoid anything that doesn’t state that the bottle contents are 100% pure jasmine essential oil/absolute. Using jasmine fragrance oil for anything other than as a perfume may be dangerous, and is very unlikely to be effective.

Jasminum officinal absolute or essential oil is antiseptic, antispasmodic, emollient, relaxing and soothing. Used as an ingredient in a massage blend or a single drop added to the bath it is useful in the care of all types of skin: dry, normal, greasy and combination skins, as well as irritated and sensitive skin. It’s also helpful in the treatment of muscle strain and muscular spasms (muscle cramps), dysmenorrheal (painful periods), labor pains and uterine disorders. It’s also believed to have aphrodisiac properties, as already mentioned.

It has can be used to help alleviate anger, apathy, burnout and lack of confidence, depression, detachment, exhaustion, fatigue, and fear of the future, indifference, insecurity, jealousy, lethargy, listlessness, nervous tension, mental rigidity, sadness, shyness and many other stress-related conditions.

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