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Lavender Absolute is obtained by solvent extraction, whereas regular Lavender oil is obtained by steam distillation. The solvent extraction method involves agitating the flowers in a solvent such as hexane. This isolates the aromatic compounds as well as pigments and wax. The extracts then undergo vacuum processing to remove the solvent, leaving a wax-like material known as the ‘concrete’. This is mixed with alcohol to dissolve the aromatic compounds, leaving behind the wax and other substances. Low-pressure evaporation is then used to remove the alcohol which yields the final Lavender Absolute.

Lavender oil is a valuable, therapeutic essential oil and is of great benefit on both a physical and emotional level. It is a calming, relaxing, balancing essential oil which is useful for treating stress, anxiety and mood swings. It is also ideal for use before bed to help with night time awakenings and insomnia.

Lavender essential oil has long been known for its beneficial effect on the immune system and its antiseptic, skin-healing and pain-relieving properties. Lavender oil has a restorative, tonic effect and is popular aromatherapy oil for relieving head tension and for therapeutic blends for the joints and muscles. This versatile, aromatherapy oil is also prized for its fragrance and is a popular ingredient in many perfumes and cosmetic products.

Lavender, an herb, has been used for over 2000 years of history. The Egyptians used it in their mummification process and decorative urns were found in the pyramids with residues still inside. The Egyptians also perfumed their skin with Lavender. Lavender, from "lavare" (Latin meaning 'to wash') or "livendulo" (meaning 'livid or bluish') was used by the Romans. The Lavender flower was used for cooking and added to the water used for bathing.

It is referred to as Spikenard in the Bible. Mary used it on the infant Jesus and anointed Jesus after the crucifixion when she was preparing him for burial.

The early Greeks learned a lot about Lavender flower perfumes and the use of aromatic herbs from the Egyptians. The Romans learned about this knowledge from the Greeks and used Lavender flower lavishly in their public baths, to perfume themselves and their homes. They also valued it for treating ailments. This is the history of Lavender for medicinal use began.

It was used to protect against infections during the Plaque. Today we find out that it has many medicinal beneficial properties which help us in so many ways. We now know of its insect repellent properties and the Plague was carried by the lice on the rats. Lavender absolute oil is highly aromatic. It has a pleasant, sweet and fruity aroma. The oil is obtained from the flowers of this plant.

Benefit & Uses: The plant name is derived from the Latin 'Lavare' to wash, probably from its use to cleanse wounds. Lavender is best known for its relaxing properties, try placing two drops on a handkerchief by your pillow at bedtime.

Lavender Absolute oil has antiseptic properties and is soothing and nurturing for the skin. It helps to tone and revitalize the skin and can be helpful for a range of skin problems including acne, oily skin, dandruff, burns, wounds, insect bites and stings. It is also an effective insect repellent; Lavender Absolute essential oil has a soothing and calming effect on the nerves. It can be beneficial for treating stress, anxiety, depression, nervous tension and insomnia.

Lavender Absolute essential oil's pain-relieving properties can be beneficial for headaches, muscular aches and pains (particularly when associated with sport), rheumatism and arthritis.


The fragrance of the absolute is heavier and a little goes a long way. As always, it is an incredible synergist making any other oils blended with it work harder. It is very soothing and calming for irritated skin and calms down acne, bites, stings and burns, also taking the pain away. The same analgesic qualities make it a must have in all massage a sports injury blends. 

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