Neroli Absolute oil or Orange Blossom oil

Neroli absolute oil or orange blossom oil needs to be included with your natural remedies for depression, anxiety and even pregnancy. Use for dog and horse separation anxiety as it calms dog and horse emotions quickly.

Neroli’s antispasmodic properties will ease menstrual cramps, pms and labor while minimizing anxiety and nourishing the skin. What a perfect combination.

The perfume of orange blossoms stole up to me, and like the wave beats and at first blended with them, the fresh, pure tones of a woman's voice pulsed the air. The odor, the sound drew me downward; I let myself sink to a stately marble chateau that gleamed white in a grove of cypresses. The singer's voice streamed out of the wide- set windows, the water washed softly under the very walls of the building, and just opposite, completely mantled with orange and laurel shrubs, flooded with moonlight and tricked with many a fair statue and slender column, a round high island rose from the water's lap.

Neroli Absolute is distilled from the fragile petals of orange blossoms. Neroli is a delicate, high floral note which is deeply relaxing. Neroli gently eases fear, insomnia, depression, and grief. It nourishes and replenishes the skin and is a favorite among Estheticians. Due to its powerful hormone regulating qualities, Neroli is used to ease the hot flashes and night sweats associated with menopause.

Neroli first came to prominence in the Far East and was later introduced to the West by Arabian traders. 

It made it to the Mediterranean region of Spain by the 12th century and plantations soon appeared here and in other nearby countries with a suitable climate. These plantations were cultivated to produce the essential oil. The oil was soon in high demand and became extremely popular with the great and the not so good of the time including several royal families around Europe. 

It was worn to scent of clothing such as gloves, not only giving a beautiful aroma but also acting to calm the nerves. For this reason the blossom was often included in the bouquets carried by brides in Europe. It was also used to decorate the hair of brides and was placed next to the marital bed to proclaim their virginity and calm any wedding nerves. This tradition still continues today in parts of southern Europe.  

In modern times Neroli is used to flavor many pharmaceuticals, foods and drinks. The absolute is commonly found in the higher end perfumes, eau du colognes and toilet waters. 

Benefit & Uses: This product is intended for use by trained professionals only. Do not apply directly to the skin. Dilute before use. Use sparingly, absolutes are very potent.
Do not take internally. Essential oils can be poisonous. Keep out of reach of children. It has contraindicated for use during pregnancy.

When blended for massage, Neroli is often used in skin care to treat stretch marks, scars, mature and sensitive skin, wrinkles, and varicose veins and to tone the complexion. It's often regarded as the mature woman's best friend. It's also found in blends aimed at easing palpitations and to improve circulation as well as in the treatment of stomach issues such as excessive flatulence, spasms and dyspepsia caused by nerves. 

The anti-oxidant properties of the oil can encourage cell growth which in turn can boost dull and oily hair and return it to a healthier condition. It can also be helpful in relieving an irritated scalp as well as dermatitis in general. You just need to add some to a shampoo or conditioner base – around 5-7 drops of the absolute per 100 ml of the base ingredient. 


It's most often burned or vaporized for its beautiful aroma and also to calm, relax and de-stress as well as in cases of insomnia, anxiety and depression.


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