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For wild-crafted oils the situation is  not as simple. Many oils like the conifer oils come always from wild-crafted plants. On the other hand, many labiates which often are cultivated can also be harvested from wild-crafted sources. Most of these plants are abundantly available. There is no risk of depleting the species. Spike lavender, rosemary, red thyme, sage are wild-crafted and distilled by smaller and larger distillers in Spain.

The plant propagates through the root which is not affected by picking the flowers. There are two endangered species from which an oil is distilled, sandalwood and rosewood. In cases the threat does not come from the essential oil production.In the former, the species is well protected by the Indian government (which results in limited quantities of oil available). For the latter, the endangerment comes from the lumber industry in South America, which unfortunately is determined to produce high quality furniture until the last rosewood tree is cut.

The essential oil is distilled from saw dust and otherwise unusable wood pieces and therefore does not increase the cutting of the trees. As in the case of sandalwood, the oil is limited and pure quality is difficult to procure. I believe that a holistic approach will require that our ethics will consider ecological, economical and social aspects of the production of the oils we are using.

Wild Lavender Essential Oil

Wild Lavender Essential Oil is a bit `deeper’ than the high elevation oil, and sweeter overall. It constituent found to impart lavender’s therapeutic calming effects. The oil has a fresh, floral, soft and sweet aroma. Lavender is indigene nous to mountainous regions of the Mediterranean, gowning best in the poor, well-drained soils. It’s a profound effect, as our bodies need to be relieved of stress in order to heal, and lead healthy lives in general.

 The overall action of Lavender oil is both calming and regenerating. It's a profound effect, as our bodies need to be relieved of stress in order to heal, and lead healthy lives in general. The sweet smell alone bestows calm on folks of all ages; from the little ones all wound up when it's time for bed, to the wizened generation whom may be recovering from illness or loss. It has done the same for many creatures in university laboratory studies. And this effect may be the most simple to produce, too.

For personal use, you only need to inhale deeply from a bottle, or dab a couple drops on your wrists to get a little whiff of the scent now and then. There are several styles of essential oil diffusers available which release aroma into the air. Almost every one will work for stress reduction; it just takes a hint of Lavender in the air to have its effect - the scent needn't be so strong that those not expecting become distracted by the aroma.

If you or your children have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, Lavender can be a profoundly effective home remedy. For a really simple method, sprinkle just a drop or two (really just a little as too much can actually be a stimulant for some folks) on the bed sheet, on-top-of, or under the pillow before bed. It's especially nice to fall asleep to a hint of Lavender, and catch another whiff if one wakes again in the middle of the night.

For some, it works well to utilize a diffuser set to run on low all night long, or one on a timer that turns on for a few minutes every hour. Gently meditate on how the scent is relaxing your whole body - using lavender regularly this way may continually improve the aroma's effectiveness as a sleep aid over time. This wild grown variety may be the best for sleep and stress relief, with its high linalool content. 

Lavender essential oil is safe to ingest in small, therapeutic amounts. Recent research involved participants ingesting 80 milligrams of the essential oil per day for 10 weeks.Lavender works exceptionally well on burns. It can be used neat, undiluted, on any burn where the skin is unbroken; it will bring quick pain relief and speed healing. Lavender is considered anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative, so virtually all cuts, bruises and scrapes will also respond well.

Lavender can work well on a sunburn, at a 10% dilution in water dabbed over the area. A drop of lavender on a bug bite or sting is also highly effective, and is useful for many itchy and irritated skin conditions as well.

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