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Violets are lovely harbingers of spring. Early in the season when the sun barely warms the ground they put out their lovely violet flowers, a promise of the coming season. In mythology, Violets are linked to Jupiter and Io, one of his beloveds. Fearing the revenge of his jealous wife Jupiter changed Io into a Heifer and created Violets to be her fragrant food. Although these days they are not much used for food or medicine, in the past they were highly respected. Violet syrup and candied Violet flowers were eagerly anticipated as seasonal delicacies. Their healing and cosmetic virtues are equally esteemed since at least the 10th century. The essential oil is relatively new and very precious to aromatherapy, as previously it was only used in perfumery. Going by the traditional uses and high regard that the ancients held for this herb its availability to aromatherapy holds a lot of promise.

Violet leaf absolute is obtained by solvent extraction from the leaves of the Viola odorata plant. It is thick and dark green with a strong, leafy and floral aroma, which helps us to add fresh, grassy notes to fragrances.

This absolute is said to be antibacterial and antiseptic, making it an excellent ingredient in skincare products. It is produced primarily in Egypt where it has been in production since the early 20th century. Violets have to be planted alongside corn to be shaded from the strong Egyptian sunlight. Harvesting begins in May, recurs every 70 days through the summer and autumn, and finally ceases in December. The farmer's networks bring the leafy material to the factories where it is transformed into a rich, green liquid.

In perfume compositions, very little is needed in the final fragrance. Consequently, the tone of violet leaf absolute that is produced in Egypt each year will account for around 90% of worldwide production.

The sweet, unmistakable fragrance of Violet has been popular for centuries, particularly in the late Victorian period and it has long been used as an ingredient in many cosmetics and perfumes. Both the leaf and flowers also have a long tradition of use in herbal medicine. It has historically been used to treat congestive pulmonary disorders and sensitive skin conditions, and in India, it is commonly used to treat sore throats and tonsillitis. Its scent was also believed to comfort and strengthen the heart during times of grief.
Violet Leaf Absolute (Viola odorata) is rich oil which is often recommended for mature skins. It also acts as a sedative, a liver decongestant and a circulatory stimulant. It has used to support the emotions and matters of the heart.

Benefit & Uses: Violets bring peace. They may be used to dispel anger and cool heated tempers. Violets ward off evil spirits and protect against nightmares.

Violet oil can be used to treat swellings and bruises as it is soothing and cooling. In aromatherapy skin care it makes an excellent moisturizer and emollient. It is indicated for acne, eczema and dermatitis. Violet can also be used to stimulate circulation and aids fibrosis and rheumatism. Grieves reports anti-cancer and anti tumor activity of the leaves. This may prove a very interesting and promising area of research.

Violet Leaf Absolute is well respected as having relaxing, soothing, and inspiring properties. It can be used for treating bronchitis, stress headaches, nervousness, insomnia, rheumatism, poor circulation, and sore throats.

Violet Leaf Absolute helps to soothe and comfort sensitive, dry, itchy, red skin. It makes an excellent moisturizer and emollient and is particularly useful for eczema and dermatitis. It is good for oily skin and acne as it has antiseptic properties and helps to gently tighten and refine the pores. It can also help reduce the appearance of thread veins.


It is believed to comfort grief and loss and encourage independence and acceptance of change. It can also be beneficial for stress and insomnia. Violet Leaf Absolute is soothing and cooling and can be used to treat swellings and bruises. It can also be helpful for Bronchitis, stress headaches, rheumatism, poor circulation, and sore throats.

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