Massage Treatment Base Signature Oil

Massage treatment base signature oil Natural and experience unrivalled sense of well-being with ancient tradition of Ayurveda. The characteristic of Ayurveda, one of the world's oldest forms of healing/ Life Science is individuality of treatments. The Ayurveda approach is holistic and conceptualized in physical and psychological wellbeing. In accordance with ancient scripts, women are massaged and given other Ayurveda treatments only by women, and men are treated only by men.

Relinquish your senses to our exquisite signature massage treatment, and experience therapeutic relaxation for mind and body. Using our signature Vanilla Magic oil derived from the seeds of vanilla pods found deep in the jungles west of Bali and prepared fresh before your treatment, our therapists incorporate long, soothing strokes to stretch and relax your muscle fibers together with acupressure to allow your body to let go of accumulated stress. Pure bliss, dedicated to new beginnings.

Glasses of champagne :-  Surrender your body and mind to a top-to-toe escape that will leave your body deeply relaxed and your spirit balanced. Begin with a head-to-toe Body Scrub, selecting from a range of exfoliating and conditioning ingredients to nourish and prepare the skin's surface. Then, enjoy a thoroughly relaxing Anantara Signature massage using luxurious Vanilla Magic oil. Complete your journey with an aromatic bathing experience or a therapeutic session of foot reflexology.

The Naturally thinking Signature Blend Massage Treatment Base developed in-house for use in our treatment rooms, is a luxurious base which can be used alone or with the additional of essential oils. Made with Cold pressed Sweet Almond, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Argon Oil and Coconut Oil for a divine skin nourishing massage which can be used alone or with the addition of essential oils.The rich blend will aid skin recovery and deeply moisture is the skin. Also use in the bath as a luxurious skin softening oil.

Massage the oil in sweeping movements towards the heart. For maximum benefit apply twice per day.For physical injuries always consult a doctor.When used in the bath add 10ml to running water and always take care as your bath may become slippery.



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