Mitti (Baked Earth) Attar

Terracotta, Terra cotta or Terra-cotta, a type of earthenware, is a clay-based unglazed or glazed ceramic, where the fired body is porous. Its uses include vessels (notably flower pots), water and waste water pipes, bricks, and surface embellishment in building construction, along with sculpture such as the terracotta Army and Greek terracotta figurines. The term is also used to refer to items made out of this material and to its natural, brownish orange color, which varies considerably.

Fuller’s earth or mitti attar is very popular perfumed oil. Extracted from the steam distillation method, herbs are used in its extraction process. The main composition of this attar is Indian white sandalwood oil and essence of clean baked earth. Buy attar of mitti at affordable prices and avail its innumerous benefits. It is helpful for curing the oily skin, rejuvenating nervous system while its fragrance is very captivating and creates a fragrant environ.

Mitti (Baked Earth) nurturing, softly sweet and soothing smell provides a feeling of regeneration. Further, its unique composition also makes it blend well with all the other attars. It is used as a blend in the perfumery industry and also reduces extra oil and greasiness from the skin, making it glowing and supple.

Mitti is traditional Indian attar made by hydro-distilling baked earth into pure sandalwood oil. If you can imagine living in an intensely hot dusty desert environment that reaches oven like temperatures every summer, then you can imagine the emotional significance of the scent of the eagerly awaited rain on dry earth. This is the perfume captured in Mitti Attar.

Evan Healy is a woman of simple, sophisticated taste. To be clear the fragrances offered here are not the complex blended perfumes of western culture which require the talent of a skilled Perfumer to build and construct, but the collected treasures of a traveler to India bringing her customers the wares of the Indian attar distillers, unadulterated, unblended, and undiluted. The attars are made by hydro (water) distilling fragrant flowers such as roses, jasmine or saffron captured into sandalwood or vetiver oil, and the ruhs are the pure essences of the flowers or spices without sandal or vetiver oil. Evan calls her perfumes Puja Fragrances, referencing the ancient Sanskrit word Puja which means “a ritual offering of auspicious items such as flowers, fruit, perfume and sacred ash. It is an act of showing reverence to a god, a spirit, or another aspect of the divine through invocations, prayers, chants, song and rituals”.

Baked Earth captured in Sandalwood or Vetiver oil. Mitti does indeed smell dry and dusty bringing new meaning to the word “earthy” in reference to perfume.  The sandalwood captured mitti attar is a lighter scent, the dry dusty earth being more obvious from the first impression. The vetiver mitti is heavier, the earth scent emerging over time.

Benefit & Uses: It is loved by the woman of northern India and applied to the body in the months prior to childbirth, as it relaxes them. It is also believed to help the soul of the unborn child to adjust to life in this world. 

Mitti Attar possesses an exotic earthy fragrance due to which it is widely used in the preparation of perfumes. Its sweet baked earth aroma tends to create the spirit of rejuvenation. It is used as a base as well for many perfumes.

Mitti is effectively used at parlors and spa centers. It is preferred to massage body and sensitive zones of the body. It also helps in rejuvenation and also keeps the glow of the skin intact and leaving it oil free, soft and supple. People who have very dry skin can make use of this attar without keeping any second thoughts.


Mitti is also known for its medicinal advantages. It helps in treating a bad throat and tonsillitis. It has also seen that women use it during menstrual cycles because it is very effective during the menstrual pains. It also helps in improving the breathing cycle of our body rendering a peace of mind to mind, body and soul. One can also use to revitalize and rejuvenate the human body.


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