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Nag champa is an Indian scent that is famously used in incense, although it also appears in soaps, lotions, perfumed oils, and candles, among other things. Many people think of this scent when they think of incense, since the odor is so ubiquitous, and it is quite popular among many people all over the world. It is especially closely associated with the hippie counterculture community, since many people traveled to India in the 1960 s, where they acquired a taste for its distinctive smell.

This incense is part of a family of Indian scents known as champa incenses, because they are all reminiscent of the champa flower, better known to Westerners as plumeria. Many champa incenses also include plumeria as an ingredient, harnessing its rich, sweet, heavy scent. Nag champa also traditionally includes a resin extracted from the Ailanthus tree, an Asian native, along with sandalwood.

People who have smelled nag champa often comment on its very heavy, earthy aroma. It also has lighter notes from the sandalwood. Because the scent of this incense can be very heavy, many people like to burn it in a well ventilated room to ensure that it does not become cloying. Many Indian companies manufacture sticks that include this scent, which tend to burn for around 30 minutes, and the incense is also available in the form of coils and cones for people who prefer these formats.

Nag Champa offered by us is a fragrance from India and has in it a high concentration of sandalwood. It is extracted from the bark and wood of sandalwood plant. It has high demand in the consumer goods industry including end products like incense sticks and cones, soap, perfume oil, scented lube, scented candles and massage oil. It also has Aromatic and Medicinal properties including Diuretic, Stimulant, Anti Rheumatic, and Purgative, Expectorant.

Also known as Nag Champa, this absolute is extracted from the fragrant flowers of the Champaca tree. The flower is sometimes commonly called the 'Joy perfume tree.' Many niche perfumers are now once again using Champaca Absolute as single note fragrances. It takes thousands of petals to produce a single ounce of this precious absolute oil. The colors are vibrant red.

It has great incense to burn, with its strong individual smell that you can't find in any other incense. With a potent smell that goes to a cool sweet smell as time passes. If you burn, than it's the only one to have in your burner.

Nag Champa wonderful incense originating from and manufactured in India. It is somewhat expensive but well worth it due to its thick smoke, wonderfully strong yet sensual scent, and long-lasting effects.

Benefit & Uses: In India, nag champa is used in many temples as a stick, or agarbatti, as they are known in India. Sticks are burned as offerings in front of statues of gods, and they tend to create a very distinctive atmosphere in temples. Worshipers also typically leave offerings of food, crafts, and flowers when they pray, to further cultivate the goodwill of the gods. Sticks are also burned on home altars.

Because this is such well known incense, it is typically very readily available. Health food stores and other establishments that cater to the counterculture typically carry it, and it is also available from Indian and Asian markets. Shoppers can recognize good quality incense by its grayish color and strong earthy scent, which is evident even before the incense is burned.

Champaka Absolute has a beautiful seductive fragrance and is widely used in the perfumery industry to create truly exotic scents.


It can also be used to high end skin care products as well as in making incense. It is considered useful as an anti-depressant and is said to soothe and relax the body and strengthen the mind. In massage therapy, it is used to support healthy joints and muscles and have a reputation as an effective aphrodisiac. Champaka Absolute has a well rounded aroma. There are initially green top notes followed by softer, more floral tones.


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