Sensuality Massage Blends

Spice up your sex life and heighten the sensation of love making with our sensual blend of essential oils with aphrodisiac properties, known for centuries to help increase the libido and desire, and culminating in better more satisfying sex and love making.According to royal sources though, the couple will spend their first night as husband and wife.

We’re sure the two young love birds won’t need much encouragement wherever they are, but just in case we’ve put together a romantic, sensual massage blend that is guaranteed to get them in the mood after their somewhat hectic day!

Note : Simply blend the following essential oils into 20ml of carrier oil.. ...

Sandalwood :- Sandalwood’s gentle and erotic fragrance is enjoyed by men and women alike. It is a powerful aphrodisiac and is used in tantric yoga for the awakening of sexual energy. It has a harmonizing and calming effect and will help dispel any stress or tension.

Jasmine :- Jasmine is precious oil often referred to as the “King of Oils”.  It is also know by its Indian name “Queen of the night” as the flowers are harvested at night when their exotic perfume is at its strongest. Jasmine essential oil inspires confidence and euphoria and it is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. Jasmine is expensive oil so we also sell Jasmine Light which is diluted at 5% in Jojoba Oil. Safety note: Avoid in early pregnancy.

Bergamot :- It has an exquisite scent that appeals to both men and women. It is primarily used for its relaxing properties and it adds a wonderful therapeutic quality and fragrance to any massage blend. It is good for calming nervous tension and if you’re feeling a bit over-emotional after the big day! Safety note: Do not use on sensitive skin or before exposure to sunlight.   

Benefits : -

  • Calmative, Encourages concentration and Enthusiasm, Love, Sensuality.
  • Ingredients: Jasmine, Cardamom, Sandalwood, Rose, Apricot Oil, Jojoba Oil, Proprietary Blend.
  • Usage: Apply to each others shoulders, back of neck, upper back, and abdominal area. 
  • Special Care: Do not apply to broken skin or genital area. For external use only.

Sensual Blend : -

Sensuality and the Kama Sutra are commonly mistaken as pure sexuality, while this sensual pleasure is in actual fact the culmination of tactile love making, coupled with the more intangibles of love making, not just sex.Often the sex life of a couple becomes blunted due to over familiarity and pure mechanical and emotionless sex, where deeper caring and sensual delight is lost and replaced by a more base form of gratification.

Eleven different essential oils have been blended to create this amazing blend and judging from the letters and e-mails we have received from clients who used this blend, we are happy to report that people find it a positive and supportive addition to their intimate life.In order for a far more satisfying love life, we need to delve deeper into the needs of a partner, while creating a relaxed and caring situation to express our feelings.

Spicing up your love life is an often used phrase, yet a large portion of people do not have a clue how to achieve it.

How to use of Sensual Blend : -

When planning a romantic evening, enough time should be set aside for both partners to be in a relaxed and receptive mood.Since stress is one of the biggest destroyers of passion, it is necessary to create a relaxed atmosphere, where no demands are placed, and no stressors are formed. A memorable evening can start off by gently massaging a small amount of oil in the neck of your partner, or a relaxing foot massage with the oil can do the trick.

The area that you massage is not the most important factor - of more importance is the way in which you massage - even if you are not a trained masseur. Relaxing strokes, alternating between soft surface strokes on the skin and harder movements pressing into the muscles can be a good way to start.

Remember : - The massage needs to be enjoyable , for both you and the other person, so try and keep to a relaxed sequence and enjoy the feel of the other persons skin. The essential oils are absorbed by the skin, and the positive therapeutic effects of the essential oils will be transported to the entire body.

Sensual Massage Oil

A special evening with you and your partner is the order of the day! For this special time leave behind the pressures of the world, focus on each other and take pleasure in this precious moment. Bath and Body Works has taken their spa products to the next level. Besides bath foams, gels, scented lotions and aromatherapy products.

There are different types of Massage Oil by Bath and Body Works. There are supposed to help decrease stress. Then there are the sensual choices, Jasmine Vanilla and Black Currant with Vanilla. Each blend has the same basic components, Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E Oil.

Some of the advertised benefits of the Jasmine Vanilla Sensual Massage Oil are that it relaxes your mind and makes you feel sexy. It is also supposed to make your skin feel and look younger. Bath and Body Works also says that if you breathe it in deeply you'll benefit from its aromatherapy.

The oil felt like it warmed slightly as it was massaged into skin. Skin did absorb quite a bit of the oil, but if you use too much it can make your skin oily. It did relax my muscles and help me rest better that evening.Be sure to lay a sheet or towel under you wherever you get your massage. You can get the oil on your bedding if you don't.

Jasmine Absolute inspires sexy self-confidence while Vanilla Absolute soothes so you feel at ease. Massage this sensual oil into freshly cleansed skin at the end of a busy day or, add to warm, running bath water for the ultimate romantic bath. Sunflower Oil, rich in antioxidant Vitamin E, to moisturize skin and help keep it young-looking.


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