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Pepper spray, also known as OC spray (from "oleoresin capsicum"), OC gas, and capsicum spray, is a lachrymatory agent used in policing, not control, crowd control, and personal self-defense, including defense against dogs and bears.

Capsicum frutescence is the plant the produces the chili peppers. This plant has several varieties which are known by different names around the world. Capsicum is one of them and capsicum benefits are very well known. Capsicum is actually a broad term that refers to the family of peppers. Red, green and yellow peppers are included in this and are known as garden peppers. Smaller hot peppers are included as well. Capsicum benefits include improving circulation, inhibiting inflammation, preventing stomach ulcers, relieving congestion and boosting immunity as well. This tangy vegetable is used not only for its medicinal and healing properties but for its strong spicy taste as well.

Oleoresin Capsicum is an important component in most of the topical skin preparations and fast pain relief medications. Medications with capsicum are typically available in ointment, pad, liquid, cream, stick, gel, and lotion forms. They normally come in numerous brand names that are available over the counter.

Oleoresin Capsicum is the name of the active ingredient that is found in chili peppers and cayenne peppers.  Oleoresin Capsicum is responsible for making the chili and cayenne peppers taste hot. This ingredient has also known to been added to medicated sprays, lotions and creams for the treatment of muscle and joint pain. It has also been used to make some pepper sprays which are designed to be used for self-defense purposes. It’s important that keep this product away from eyes because of its burning sensation.

Capsicum fruits are referred to by several names such as chili pepper, sweet pepper and green or red pepper. The larger fruits which are also milder are known as bell peppers in some places. Capsicum is also known as paprika in some areas. Capsicum is known to be beneficial in alleviating and preventing many illnesses. It contains beta carotene, vitamin A and vitamin C. It is also low in fat and calories and hence does not increase the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Capsicum benefits are many and hence it must form a vital part of a balanced and healthy diet.

Side effects: One of the most common side effects in taking a drug with oleoresin capsicum is the burning sensation. Clients who have already tried out products with capsicum typically describe the sensation as stinging, warm, and burning. This sensation typically occurs towards the first few instances that you have used the product. This feeling may even project for as long as two weeks to a month.

Fortunately, expect the sensation to recede the longer that you use the medication laden with capsicum. However, may note that the effectiveness of the drug in battling the pain may be significantly reduced. In this light, may consider having a drug holiday.

Benefit & Uses:Capsicum is great for metabolism. The nutrients in these tangy vegetables lower triglycerides in the fat deposits in blood corpuscles. This not only burns extra calories, but also energizes the metabolism.

A rich source of vitamin A and C, capsicum also has antioxidant properties. These antioxidants combat the free radicals in the body and treat cardiac diseases, cataract, bronchial asthma and osteoarthritis. The vegetable prevents the damage that can be rendered on the body by free radicals, namely, cellular damage and damage to blood vessels and nerves.

The capsaicin compound in capsicum can block the transmission of pain to the spinal cord from the skin. Thus, including capsicum in meals is good for those undergoing post-operative amputation trauma and herpes.

The same compound, capsaicin is believed to prevent cancer. This compound prevents carcinogens from mixing with the DNA. Studies and research also shows that capsicum has cancer-preventing properties.

Capsaicin in capsicum can combat food-borne bacteria from affecting the body. Capsicum is also used to make a kind of cream, which is used to treat arthritis and shingles. It is also said to aid digestion by increasing stomach secretions. It is also known for its laxative qualities.

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