Detox Massage Oil
Product Code: VRINIA0011034  
Botanical Name Pandmns Odoratissimus
Common Name Kewra Attar
Country of Origin India
Solubility Alcohol soluble
Specific Gravity 0.805 - 1.010 @ 270C
Optical Rotation (-10) - (+10)
Refrective Index 1.465 - 1.495 @ 270C
PlantPart Flowers
Bland With Sandalwood base
CAS No 8000-28-0
Flash Point 136 °F
Extraction Method Steam Distilled


Extracted through steam distillation process from the flower part of the plant, Kewda Attar offered is well known & recognized for its sweet scent as well as essence that come directly from the Kewda flower. It finds wide usage in skin care formulations as well as in aromatherapy based applications


The Kewra plant grows wild along the east coast of India. The plants that produce the best floral bouquet are grown in Ganjam district of South Orrisa. Indian uses the power of kewda to enhance the beauty.

Color & Aroma

Color : Nice rosy colour with sweet rosy fragrance,

Aroma : Sweet rosy fragrance


Kewda flower essential oil, pure Sandalwood essential oil.


Kewda Attar helps in creating a truly smooth as well as refreshing perfume. Further, it can also be used as a flavouring agent and as a base material for perfumery products. Other than this, the attar is also used in aromatherapy based applications.

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