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Detox Massage Oil
Product Code: VRINIA0011041  
Botanical Name Attar of Earthern Soil
Common Name Fullers Earth, baked earth.
Country of Origin India
Solubility Alcohol soluble
Specific Gravity 0.9250 to 0.9450
Optical Rotation -0.700 to -0.800
Refrective Index 1.4365 to 1.4525
PlantPart Mitti
Bland With All other attars, sandalwood floral water.
CAS No 8007 –75 – 8
Flash Point 170 °C
Extraction Method Steam Distilled


We also offer Mitti Attar that contains the refreshing fragrance of the wet earth. The soothing, mellow fragrance invokes a spirit of regeneration. Our Mitti Attar is prepared from the baked earth of the Ganga.


During mughal period in India, it was flourished and later on taken on to the various parts of the world. It is believed that perfumery tradition was started 5000 years ago when distillation practice was reported to be in existence.

Color & Aroma

Color : Dark brown yellowish liquid.,

Aroma : Nurturing, softly sweet and soothing smell


Essence of clean Baked Earth, Indian White Sandalwood essential oil.


The Mitti Attar is used as a blend in the perfumery industry. It has also been known since time immemorial to be a good skincare element. It reduces extra oil and greasiness from the skin, making it glowing and supple.

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