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Detox Massage Oil
Product Code: VRITAA0018013  
Botanical Name It is made from the combination of flowers, herbs and spices
Common Name Mukhalat al Shahama
Country of Origin Turkey
Solubility Not Applicable
Specific Gravity 0.7650 to 0.8850
Optical Rotation -0.300 to -0.400
Refrective Index 1.42
PlantPart It's mixture of many perfumery flower, resin, seed, leaves and etc
Bland With Sandalwood Oil
CAS No Not Applicable
Flash Point Not Applicable
Extraction Method Steam Distillation


Al Shahama is the Oriental agarwood based Mukhalat perfume oil that is blended with Turkish Rose, White Rose, Geranium and Peach. This mukhalat attar is based on the latest rich oriental agarwood that connotes magnanimity and nobility. Top fragrances of pure Turkish rose and white rose express graciousness and generosity of spirit. The extracts of shamamatul amber and saffron imply benevolence of the wearer.


History of this product can not be defined as it's mixture of many perfumery Oils

Color & Aroma

Color : Concentrated Perfume fragrance,

Aroma : Relax, Helpful


It consists of Shamamatul Amber, Saffron, Incense, Cambodian Agarwood, Patchouli.


This attar has woody and musky aroma and finds usage in the preparations of many perfumery products. This attar is also used as a personal perfume, primarily by Muslims due to absence of alcohol. The floral extracts with base oil are useful in cases of stress, hypertension and treating skin ailments.

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