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Detox Massage Oil
Product Code: VRINIA0011057  
Botanical Name Earth
Common Name oudh
Country of Origin India
Solubility Soluble in alcohol, insoluble in water
Specific Gravity 0.9350 to 0.9550
Optical Rotation 0.57000 - 0.69800
Refrective Index 1.3765 to 1.3925
PlantPart Wood
Bland With Bergamot, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Spearmint, Orange, Sandalwood, Ylang-ylang
CAS No 119 – 36 - 8
Flash Point 109.00 °F
Extraction Method Steam Distilled


Rooh-Al-Oudh Attar is recognized with complex deep woody fragrance. The attar is made with the traditional procedure which is by boring a hole in the Agarwood tree and letting the liquid flow out.


also known as Oud oil, Aloeswood oil, and many other names depending location, is an extremely rare and precious natural oil obtained from several species of Agarwood (Aquilaria sp.) trees. It originates in North Eastern India, Bhutan and parts of South East Asia - especially Vietnam and Cambodia - the Philippines, and Indonesia, including Papau New Guinea. Agarwood has a very long history of medicinal use, as a valuable component of incense, and as an aromatic oil. There are several species of Agarwood, the most important species are: Aquilaria agollocha, A. malaccensis and A. crassna. Aquilaria malaccensis is endangered and protected worldwide under the CITES convention and A. crassna is listed as endangered by the Vietnamese government

Color & Aroma

Color : Pale to golden yellow clear liqu,

Aroma : Sweet, fresh smell characteristic of citrus products


Not Applicable


lending well with Sandalwood oil and all attars, Osmanthus Attar mainly finds usage as a constituent that helps in providing true smell of Osmanthus in Paraffin as well as Sandalwood Oil. Further, it is also used in the preparation of perfumes.

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