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Detox Massage Oil
Product Code: VRINIA0011063  
Botanical Name Cinnambark, Turmeric, Sugandha manthi, patchouli
Common Name Shamama Special attar
Country of Origin India
Solubility Not applicable
Specific Gravity 0.9550 - 0.9850 @ 270C
Optical Rotation (-0.350) - (-0.400)
Refrective Index 1.4740 - 1.4950 @ 270C
PlantPart Not applicable
Bland With Sandalwood Oil, all attars
CAS No Not applicable
Flash Point Not applicable
Extraction Method It is extracted from herbs and spices by Hydro distillation process


Shamama Special attar is prepared using blend of several herbs and essential oil. Having an exotic scent, Shamama Special attar is available in form of long lasting perfume that is made by combining various flowers through hydro/steam distillation process. Having a base of 100% pure sandalwood oil, it is prepared by the traditional manufacturing methods, without any use of alcohol & chemicals.


Not applicable

Color & Aroma

Color : yellow in color.,

Aroma : It has rich and earthy smell


Carrier Oils, Sandalwood Oil


Shamama Special attar finds extensive usage in the preparation of perfumes. Featuring base of 100% pure sandalwood oil that is prepared through traditional manufacturing methods, its aromatic properties also makes it highly demanded in aromatherapy based applications.

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