Detox Massage Oil
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Botanical Name Stryax benzoin
Common Name Gum benzoin, Luban jawi, Benjamin or Styrax benzoin.
Country of Origin Indonesia
Solubility Soluuble in alcohol, insoluble in water
Specific Gravity 0.990 – 0.999 @ 20°C
Optical Rotation Not Applicable
Refrective Index Not Applicable
PlantPart Resin
Bland With This essential oil blends well with bergamot, coriander, frankincense, juniper, lavender, lemon, myrrh, orange, petitgrain, rose and sandalwood.
CAS No 9000-72-0
Flash Point > 200.00 °F
Extraction Method Supercritical CO2 Extraction


This oil is extracted from resin of the Styrax Benzoin tree that belongs to the Stryracaceae family. This tree is a native from Java, Sumatra and Thailand and can grows to a height of 8 meters. Benzoin oil is golden brown in color, with a treacle-like viscosity and has a sweet, warm and vanilla-like aroma.


Also known as Gum Benjamin, Benzoin is one of the classic ingredients of incense, and in ancient times it was used as a fumigator. It is the primary ingredient in Friar's Balsam, and was medicinally used to paint sore throats and mouth ulcers. In cosmetic use, it was the additive to rosewater for the centuries-old facial cleanser and toner known as Virgin's Milk, and the ladies of the Royal House of Windsor attributed their beautiful complexions to the use of Friar's Balsam in freshly made barley water.

Color & Aroma

Color : brown semi-solid with balsamic odor,

Aroma : Benzoin oil has a sweet, warm and vanilla-like aroma.


Its main chemical components are benzoic, cinnamic acids, benzyl benzoate, benzoic aldehyde, vanillin and coniferyl benzoate.


Benzoin oil is known for its medicinal properties and can be used for bronchitis, coughs, colds, wounds, acne, eczema, psoriasis, rheumatism, arthritis, scar tissue, circulation, nervous tension, stress, muscle pains, chilblains, rashes and mouth ulcers. It is also used in perfumes and various kinds of incense.

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