Detox Massage Oil
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Botanical Name Cedrus deodora
Common Name Cedarwood, Cedarwood Oil
Country of Origin India
Solubility Soluble in alcohol & oil, insoluble in water
Specific Gravity 0.949-0.961 @ 15 C
Optical Rotation (-25º27’) - (-37º15’)
Refrective Index 1.5030 - 1.5067 @ 20 C
PlantPart Leaves, twigs, branches.
Bland With It blends well with Rosemary, Chamomile, Eucalyptus and Citrus Oils.
CAS No 8000-27-9
Flash Point Not Applicable
Extraction Method Supercritical CO2 Extraction


Cedars are trees that can grow up to 30–40 m height with spicy-resinous scented wood, thick ridged or square-cracked bark and broad level branches.


The ancient Egyptians used cedarwood oil to embalm, for perfumery and in cosmetics; the ancient Greeks also used cedarwood oil to preserve bodies as they believed it helped to make one immortal. It is thought that the Lebanon cedar tree may have been the original cedarwood tree that was used as cedarwood oil in ancient times. Its fragrance was useful as an insect, ant and moth repellent; it was also used greatly as a source for building materials.

Color & Aroma

Color : Light yellow to pale brown viscous liquid with cedar odor,

Aroma : It has a woody aroma with some camphoraceous smell.


Its main chemical components are a-cedrene, b-cedrene, thujopsene, cedrol, widdrol and other


With its sedating ability, this essential oil benefits the skin and relieves itching. The astringent action of this oil is good for acne, oily skin and dandruff. It provides a calming and soothing effect on mind and is of great use in conditions related to anxiety and nervous tension

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