Detox Massage Oil
Product Code: VRICBO0003024  
Botanical Name Prunus Avium
Common Name Wild cherry, Sweet cherry, Gean
Country of Origin USA
Solubility Soluble in alcohol and oils. Insoluble in water
Specific Gravity Not Applicable
Optical Rotation Not Applicable
Refrective Index Not Applicable
PlantPart Seed
Bland With Sweet cherry oil is very stable oil and easily blends with various lighter essential oil.
CAS No 68956-68-3
Flash Point >100 °C
Extraction Method Cold-pressed of the seeds


Sweet cherry kernel oil is a stable, emollient oil, high in oleic acid, vitamin A and natural tocopherols. The properties of the oil is similar to sweet almond and peach kernel oils, and it can be used within the same applications. Sweet cherry kernel oils contain natural antioxidants, alpha, delta and gamma tocopherols plus vitamins A & E.


Cherries have pleased the palates of food lovers for centuries. Their ruby red color and tangy taste won cherries a place on the tables of Roman conquerors, Greek citizens and Chinese noblemen. Cherries were brought to America by ship with early settlers in the 1600's. Later, French colonists from Normandy brought pits that they planted along the Saint Lawrence River and on down into the Great Lakes area. Cherry trees were part of the gardens of French settlers as they established such cities as Detroit, Vincennes, and other midwestern settlements. Modern day cherry production began in the mid-1800's. Peter Dougherty was a Presbyterian missionary living in northern Michigan. In 1852, he planted cherry trees on Old Mission Peninsula (near Traverse City, Michigan). Much to the surprise of the other farmers and Native Americans who lived in the area, Dougherty's cherry trees flourished and soon other residents of the area planted trees. The area proved to be ideal for growing cherries because Lake Michigan tempers Arctic winds in winter and cools the orchards in summer. In the Northwestern part of the United States, cherry orchards also flourished. In 1847, Henderson Lewelling planted an orchard in Western Oregon, using nursery stock that he had transported by ox cart from Iowa. Lewelling Farms became known for its sweet cherries with orchards coming into production during the 1870's and 80's. The most famous sweet cherry variety is the Bing cherry; this cherry variety got its name from one of Lewelling's Chinese workmen. Another sweet cherry variety is the Lambert, which also got its start on Lewelling Farms. The Rainier cherry, a light sweet variety, originated from the cross breeding of the Bing and Van varieties by Dr. Harold W. Fogle at the Washington State University Research Station in Prosser, Washington. The Bing, Lambert, and Rainier varieties together account for more than 95% of the Northwest sweet cherry production.

Color & Aroma

Color : Pale yellow to golden yellow liquid with Characteristic odor,

Aroma : Cherry Kernel Carrier Oil has very little scent characteristic of most carrier oils


Myristic Palmitic Stearic Arachidic Palmitoleic Oleic Linoleic


Cherry kernel oil makes a light, moisturizing addition to lip balm, body butter, salt and sugar scrub formulations. It is also beneficial in bath oils, and it works well as a penetrating carrier oil in aromatherapy.

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