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Botanical Name Artemisia vulgaris
Common Name Mugwort, Cronewort, Mugwort, St. John's Plant.White Wormwood
Country of Origin Morocco, France, Germany, India, China, Japan
Solubility insoluble in water
Specific Gravity 0.8786 to 0.9265 at 25C
Optical Rotation [-] 13.25- [-] 29.35 at 25C
Refrective Index 1.350 - 1.49 at 25C
PlantPart Flowering plant.
Bland With Cedar wood, lavandin, clary sage, oak moss, pine, patchouli, rosemary, sage.
CAS No 8022-37-5
Flash Point 72°C
Extraction Method Steam distilled.


Mugwort oil is taken from aromatic perennial herb that has red-purple stems & deeply cut, dark green leaves with white undersides. Well recognized for its digestive properties, the essential oil forms fine blend with other essential oils and are steam distilled from panicles of tiny red-brown flowers appearing in summer.


Also known as White Wormwood, the herb has been used throughout Europe, Asia, and the Mediterranean basin. The name "artemisia" ultimately derives from the Greek goddess Artemis (Roman Diana), the namesake of Greek Queens Artemisia I and II A more specific reference may be to Artemisia II of Caria a botanist and medical researcher who died in 350 BC. It is also known as White Wormwood, this aromatic perennial herb has red-purple stems and deeply cut, dark green leaves with white undersides. Panicles of tiny red-brown flowers appear in summer. It is a tall-growing plant, the stems, which are angular and often of a purplish hue, frequently rises to 3 feet or more in height.

Color & Aroma

Color : pale yellow in colour with a herbaceous, camphorous, sage-like scent,

Aroma :


alpha thujone, cineole, beta thujone, camphene, camphone, camphor, linalool, thujone, 4-terpineole, borneol, alpha-cardinol and further mono- and sesquiterpenes.


Mugwort oil is reputed to have anti-spasmodic, carminative, diaphoretic, choleretic, diuretic, nervine, emmenagogue, orexigenic & stimulant properties. It is also known to be used to expel control fever, worms and as a digestive remedy. Massaging mug wort oil on stomach and lower abdominal area has numerous benefits. Mug wort essential oil is also a potent, all-natural remedy for curing digestive disorders or digestive problems because it can effectively stimulate the proper secretion of bile and digestive enzymes, thus facilitating proper digestion and breakdown of food. This promotes full absorption of food into bloodstream. As such, this oil eliminates problems of indigestion, stomach aches, acid reflux and other digestion-related problems. It can also help menstrual flow to be regular by promoting smoother and unobstructed blood flow out of uterus, since it has emmenagogue properties. It helps to cure other problems associated with menstruation, such as abdominal pains, fatigue, headache and even nausea. Since it helps ensure regular menstrual cycles, mug wort oil also helps to maintain proper health and smooth functioning of uterus since it stimulates discharge of harmful toxins through uterine discharges and secretes hormones that are designed to keep uterus functioning properly

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