Detox Massage Oil
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Botanical Name Rosa damascena Mill
Common Name Damask Rose, Bulgarian and Turkish rose, Otto of rose
Country of Origin Kazanlak valley, Bulgaria
Solubility Soluble in alcohol and oils. Insoluble in water.
Specific Gravity 0.955 – 0.995
Optical Rotation -2.00 – +2.00 @ 20°C
Refrective Index 1.535 –1.538 @ 20°C
PlantPart Flowers
Bland With Geranium, Jasmine, Clove, Palmarosa,
CAS No 8007-01-0
Flash Point >55 °C
Extraction Method Extraction


Rose Damask is a essential oil extracted from damask rose - Rosa damascena of Rosaceae family. Coming in color ranges from clear to a pale yellow or greenish tint, its oil has a oil has a deep, rosy, fresh aroma that helps in soothing & harmonizing mind as well as helps in overcoming anger, depression, grief, nervous tension, fear and other ailments.


Approximately 4000 kilograms of petals are required to produce 1 kilogram of pure rose oil. There is evidence to show roses have existed for millions of years. Rosa damascena is an extremely popular species of rose in India and it is cultivated in different regions throughout India. More commonly known as the Damask rose or simply as "Damask", it is a rose hybrid, derived from Rosa gallica and Rosa moschata. In south India, it is used in garlands, and in making rose-water.

Color & Aroma

Color : Characteristic warm spicy, very deep rosy odor.,

Aroma : smooth, relaxing


Citronellol, Phenyl ethanol, Geraniol, Nerol, Farnesol, Stearpoten


Addresses self-nurturing, sexuality, self esteem & dealing with other emotional problems, in curing poor circulation & heart problems including heart palpitations & arrhythmia

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