Detox Massage Oil
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Botanical Name Zingiber Officinalis
Common Name Jengibre, Zanjabil, Chiang
Country of Origin India
Solubility Soluble in water
Specific Gravity 0.87500 to 0.88500 @ 25.00 °C
Optical Rotation -30° to -60°
Refrective Index (25° C) : 1.4870 to 1.4880
PlantPart Root
Bland With Bergamot, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Spearmint, Orange, Sandalwood, Ylang-ylang,
CAS No 84696-15-1
Flash Point 168.00 °F
Extraction Method Steam Distilled


The oleoresin is extracted from fresh green ginger. It retains the aroma and wholesome flavor that closely matches the parent spice. This oleoresin can be fortified with distilled essential oil to achieve a balance between pungency and aroma. The strength of oleoresin can be adjusted to required level by dilution with permitted diluent.s


The plant is said to originate from India, China and Java, but is also native to Africa and the West Indies. It is believed that ginger was brought to Europe between the 10th and 15th century as both a condiment and spice. It has been used for medicinal purposes since the ancient times; it is recorded specifically in both Sanskrit and Chinese texts. It is also mentioned in literature from the Greeks, Romans, and Arabians.

Color & Aroma

Color : light greenish Brown liquid at ambient temperatures with refreshing aroma of ginger,

Aroma : Organic Ginger Essential Oil has a warm, spicy, woody scent with a hint of lemon and pepper. Customers will find it very similar to the powdered spice.


Volatile oil content: 30%Residual solvent: <10 ppm


Green ginger oleoresin finds application in flavor formulation where the fresh note of spice is the prime quality determinant.

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