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Venkatramna Industries, is one of the oldest and pioneer organization attaining a lot of accreditation and recognition.Venkatramna Industries (VRI), formerly known as Lala Pragdutt Deen Dayal Perfumers, formed by Seth Shree DeenDayal Saini, the company came into existence in 1920 and have remarkable history of supplying high-quality essential oils and their manufacturing. Venkatramna Industries is one of the flourishing organizations engaged in manufacturing of high quality natural essential oils and aromatic chemicals. We provide the products with superior service and quality.

We Hold 100+ Years Expertise in Manufacturing of Essential Oils

Quality is our forte and a major reason behind our huge popularity in the oils market. We have been following several policies and plans to prepare quality products for customers. The oil varieties we offer are skin-friendly, they have been processed with extreme care by our experts, who hold rich knowledge of the industry.


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